Saturday, July 28, 2012


Veraison is a word I learned of recently.  It is when the grapes turn color from green to purple, as explained to me by a local winegrower.  I had seen what she spoke of, a bunch of grapes hanging on the vine glistening in July sunlight and showing greens and purples and the many hues in-between.  This short occurrence happens in its own season and at its own time.  A perfect process that rewards the sampler of the fruit once completed.

Grape growers know the process cannot be rushed. They understand that nature takes over and a magical change will determine the quality of the fruit once the grapes turn purple.  As the farmer waits to harvest, he knows Veraison determines what will be the reaping of the benefits of their labor.  While harvesting the grapes, winegrowers hope for the finest results, the making of fine wine.

My friend and I have been having long conversations about how life presents itself in the day to day.  The routines, the joys and the challenges.  We have been doing this for decades now... finding that so many chapters we each go through parallel - despite 1000 miles between us.  Neither of us is a stranger to the grief journey, yet we both find that each episode tests the durability of our hearts in new ways...  Understanding the natural phases and steps that are typical does not ease the quest for a way out, wanting to "get through it all" and be done with it.  Hanging out with the uncertainties of what will be, feeling the pain of loss, and trying to let go of something or someone we held so dear creates new and different challenges each time around.

We want our grapes to turn purple! It was one of those Aha! moments as the metaphor crystallized in my mind.  My husband remarked when I was editing a photo that I had taken of the grapes in their sacred state of Veraison.  He thought I was changing the colors on the individual grapes with my photo edit program and he quickly commented that I should change all of the grapes back to purple "like they should be".

I connected "Veraison" with the idea that to be hanging out with all the turning colors is something to be trusted... as with the grapes. The many lessons along the way will bring the quality of the purple grapes to its fullest glory.  It is a time of Veraison, a temporary process, not be hurried or overlooked.

This new word to me, "Veraison" shows a great example of many of the theories I have tested over time.  I will apply this phenomenon to so many more ideas along the way.

....While I wait for the grapes to turn purple. 

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