Monday, January 5, 2009

Glass Drinking Straws

Prevent BPA leaching into beverages and save our planet from plastic waste. The Founder of Glassdharma is committed to saving the planet... one straw at a time!

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My 2009 Kitchen

Endless kitchen chores continue seamlessly as 2008 turns over the New Year. The kitchen does not recognize this marker in time as the ever-evolving process of what goes on keeps up the constant rhythm of cooking, eating, clearing and cleaning. Stepping back to view the routine has brought an observation that this kitchen has slowly gone through changes. This is definitely is not the same kitchen that we gathered in at the beginning of 2008.

Gradually, eco-friendly choices replace many of the former items in this room. Gone are the stacks of paper plates and Tupperware canisters. Glass, Stainless Steel and Bamboo have made their way into this sacred hubbub of our home. My efforts to reduce plastic use, especially for food and drink preparation, have spurred a very creative thought process. I even had to rethink my coffee maker realizing that I used to start each day with a hot drink, heated in a plastic vessel. Not sure about just how much BPA leaches into our foods through plastic, I have read just enough about phlatates and BPA to not want to ingest the stuff!

Mason jars are my friend. They display pastas and cereals within my pantry doors. Glasses and ceramic cups are plentiful and wooden spoons of all sizes and shapes have made their way into the drawers replacing the different colored plastic utensils once found there. Glass drinking straws catch sunlight as they sit on the windowsill in glass vessels waiting for use by whoever stops in for a drink of iced tea, or a homemade smoothie.

Plastic-ware long gone and efforts to reduce have brought a finer way of living into our home. A sense of style that considers purpose to how we live and what we leave behind reigns here… I am now very satisfied with the function of my 2009 Kitchen!