Sunday, January 16, 2011


Birthdays mark the years of our life, measuring the distance of time... A cause for Celebration of being alive, of YOU being alive and a celebration of Self! It's our own personal "New Year"... A time to reflect back to see how far we have come on this Journey of Life..... and a time to look forward to the Promise of what the future may hold.

A birthday marks the end of a year while the beginning of new roads stretch before us....Why then, do we say, How "old" are you? Why not, How many years? (have you lived?)

Too often people express dread as another birthday approaches. Aknowledging the higher number makes them groan, "Another year gone..."

In my book of life, birthdays are cause for Self Celebration. I believe that we should all,

"Celebrate each year for the Gift that it is!"

I'm counting them all!!!!!