Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simple Solution

I have a great recipe to share!  Now, before you get your taste buds all worked up for something delicious, this recipe will not deliver what you are hoping.  But get ready to save some money!

I have your attention?  Good.  I found this on Pinterest and just had to try it!  This is super easy.

The recipe is for an all purpose household cleaner and you might be very impressed with the results.  Save your spray bottles once you run out of your other purchased cleaning products, you are going to need them.

  • Peel an orange (or two), you are going to use the peels only.  You might like to use another citrus fruit, but have the quantity equal that of one good size Orange.
  • Fill a 1-Quart Mason jar with white vinegar leaving enough room for the Citrus peels.
  • Place the peel in the jar with the vinegar.
  • Store for two weeks.
  • Discard the peel after the two weeks and dilute the mixture with water, equal parts. (1:1)
  • Place mixture in a spray bottle for counters and bathroom surfaces or bottle to use in buckets for floors, walls, etc.
I am not sure how this method works so well or what takes place during the two weeks that the peels sit in the vinegar.  I am kind of hoping that a knowledgeable scientist might drop into my blog someday and explain what takes place during this process.

In a previous post, I showed you how I make our laundry detergent.  I have saved a ton of money and repurpose my white vinegar bottles to store my batches of Laundry soap.

Recently, I discovered that plain old white vinegar could be used instead of "Round Up" to keep weeds at bay on our walkways and rock path.  It also keeps ants away!

Baking Soda sits right on my counter top in a "cheese" shaker, ready for scrubbing pots and my kitchen sink.

It seems that our previous love affair with having fancy brands and convenient household cleaners (one for each different cleaning purpose) got us all trapped into an expensive and chemical lifestyle as we became bogged down with the huge variety of solutions and cleaners.  Finding a place to store all the different cleaning products or just finding the right cleaner at the time you need it has not been very convenient!

I saved the lemon peels form the lemonade we made for the 4th of July!  Guess what I'm making.....

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