Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Twelve Months In A Year

Time to.......

The Holiday decorations are finally put away, and with the same feeling of satisfaction that putting them up produces in early December.  "Let's get on with it" is the calling that beckons.  The year is stretched before us now and I feel myself perching on the marker of last year's transition into this.

2013 will go in my own history book as one of the most eventful years in my entire life. The lineup was evident this time last year as the calendar filled up, barely leaving gaps for all the other important stuff that happened that could not be foreseen.  The timeline of occurrences is one that most certainly will be remembered when I am older and all the memories just start running together like colors of paint spilled out of cans.  I can see myself saying, "Remember in 2013....", "I will never forget that in 2013..."  It was all somewhat crazy in a happy way.  Memorable for sure!

This year there are only a few markers on the calendar and the contrast between the two years has me wondering... There is more room for surprise this year!  Though this idea excites me, I find myself wishing to keep the calendar clean and uncluttered.

We all have the same twelve months in a year, the same 24 hours in a day.  How we spend them has a lot to do with obligation, life's circumstance, our motivation factor, and choice.  I look back on the many unfinished things that I have started: the scarf on the knitting needles, the flowerpots to be transplanted, and the room that still needs painting.  It is only a mere setback, I say to myself. Prioritizing is part of living life, after all.  The unfinished things will be there when I get back to them, knowing that the interruptions in life are a sacred opportunity to live in the moment and embrace the unknown.

Yes, we all have the same twelve months in a year....

It's time for me to start to write that book now.....

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