Sunday, July 21, 2013

Turning the Page...

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It has been more than 40 years since my 16-year-old self walked into Westgate Beauty College knowing little of what to expect. I was hoping that, just maybe, a Cosmetology License would be the means I needed to support myself as a soon-to-be-adult.  I was ready to venture on my own at age 18!  Sixteen hundred hours was the course requirement for completion. My plan was to finish high school as well. 

Age 17, I was a High School graduate in January and had obtained my Cosmetology license in May, same year.  I moved out of my parent's home in September, the month of my 18th birthday.

How could I know then, that the industry would serve me well for over 40 years?

 Standing at a new gateway of life, changes are in the air.  Excitement fills my heart and a new chapter begins. I will no longer stand behind the hairdressers chair and look at my clients in the mirror, a role that has become comfortable for me. No longer will clients come through the front door bringing with them their own life's circumstances and observations to be discussed, explained or just silently understood.  The days ahead will be different for me, no doubt. I will no longer be included in salon community discussions of the news headlines or the latest gossip of some noteworthy celebrity.  Small town events will not be reported to me on a daily basis. I will miss it all... the sharing of thoughts, emotions and especially the laughter!

My years as a hairdresser taught me skills that spurred me to begin a new career five years ago.  The professional intimacy that I discovered in the field of hairstyling has given me glimpses of wisdom beyond my own years and experiences.  I learned sometime back, that if a client was 80 plus in age, it was cause to notice and listen in a different way than I listen to everyone else.  After all, we all hope to make it there someday...  It is with the courage that I learned from these very wise and wonderful clients that I tackle new career challenges. I have learned from them, "it's never too late".

The days of years gone by in the Salon held surprise no matter how well laid out the appointment book predicted.  Even on the days when appointments did not change, what took place in a day was not even predictable!  I loved that! I was never bored!

As I helped each of my clients look into the mirror and discover their own images, I helped them learn to see the positive, and I know they have helped me with the same.  I still cannot figure out why we tend to be so hard on ourselves, or why we need someone else to point out the beauty within ourselves... I will die trying to understand that one!

I learned so much through these years in the hairstyling industry.  The client/professional relationship melted into touching friendships. We saw each other through happy celebrations and tearful sharing of tragedies.  One thing I learned, whenever I judge a circumstance or person's action, there is usually a piece of the story I did not know.  The meaning of this?  My judgments may certainly be inaccurate!

Now it is time for me to turn the page, embrace the change and purposely rock my own comfort zone!  Will I miss the days, routines, creative outlets and the relationships?  You betcha!  Nevertheless, I will also, thankfully take all of these encounters and experiences with me as I test the waters of my own uncharted territories. It is the path behind that lays a solid foundation for the road ahead. I have many to thank for that!

My confidence is high and I thank co-workers and clients of many years for the part you have played in where I am today.  My heart is full and my wishes for us all to carry on, living life to the fullest and knowing just how wonderful and beneficial the days were that we leave behind us now.

Thank you to those who stepped in and showed me the ways of choices, dreams and loves ~ life's treasures for sure!

I say goodbye to these days, as we know them and fearlessly look for new moments to take place, as they will.  Trusting that these changes will bring about the best of circumstances is Hope, but trusting the outcome as it will be is Faith. 

To my Clients and Salon Business Associates:  I bid you farewell with my heart full of gratitude for every facet of every encounter that has led us to this place in time.  I hope to see you in the days ahead. 

My prayer will always be for your continuance wrapped in the Very Finest Moments Life can Offer. ~ Cheri
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Anonymous said...

From Dezi Bailey - Daughter -
My Mom announced her retirement after over 40 years to follow something she has become passionate about over the last few! She's not just a small town hair dresser...she was a listener, a secret keeper, a therapist, advice giver and made people feel good about themselves! Growing up in a salon I learned the difference between scissors and shears, the importance of a good conditioner, hair + chlorine is not awesome, and why you should always be on time to an appointment. From my mom I learned the value of hard work, the importance of a budget and that no matter what's going on in life and how old you are you can always create new dreams and follow them! Congratulations on a great ending and a great beginning mom love you!

Stephanie Stuart said...

Oh I wish I could have had you help me with my hair! I'm so drab! Anyway, I hope you have a smooth transition and I wish you the best in this next chapter!