Tuesday, January 15, 2013


My Triplets are 25 years old - a "quarter of a century"!

I started out with my first born, their Big Brother in 1983 ~ since then, the expansion of the family has not stopped!  More and more are coming into the circle as the years go by and the chapters change..... this whole family thing is about to snowball!

So now to look back ~ wow!

They still love each other, but maybe they don't hug as much as they used to....

They used to HAVE TO hold hands, every time we went somewhere, every time they crossed the street!      It was how I could make sure we all stayed together.  I think they are relieved they no longer have to hold hands!

Their big brother was 41/2 when they were born.  As they grew, he was always trying to teach them stuff.  They did not always cooperate, but at times, he caught their attention!  It was like he had his very own classroom to experiment with.

Dezi is still at the pool as Director of a huge Aquatic Center since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration.  She insists that she is only happy when the smell of chlorine surrounds her!

Joey still loves cooking and  is a Cook for the Holiday Retirement Facility nearby.  He often cooks for as many as 80 people at a time!

Cassie pursued her love for writing with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Literary Journalism only to find her passions in Education.  She now works with children with autism and recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Applied Behavoiral Analysis.

Their Big Brother, Jeremy, is serving in the US Army and has served one tour in Iraq.

He still teaches them stuff but sometimes they teach him stuff!

The day the Triplets were born changed a lot of things for a lot of us.  Our family doubled in size over night!  It's been a wild ride with tons of fun and lots of craziness.  I hope for nothing less in the years to come!

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