Sunday, November 11, 2012

Company Sweet Potatoes

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, a most talked about side-dish in salons and bridge club luncheons is what to do with the Sweet Potatoes. To bake or mash, marshmallows or not? light or yams?  

This is my own recipe for "Company Sweet Potatoes", we have it often and throughout the year!

Peel and slice 2 Sweet Potatoes (we like the light ones) and one Onion
Alternate in a buttered Pyrex pie plate or 10 x 14 pan (double the  recipe and place in rows or layers)

Mix 1/4 cup heavy cream & 1/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup (pour over all)

Top with French Fried Onions & fresh ground Black Pepper
375 degrees BAKE ~ 45 minutes

Set the table extra pretty this year. 
Happy Thanksgiving!


Antoinette Celle said...

I'd like to try this. I am looking to get away from the marshmallow thing. However, pure maple syrup is pretty pricy--and it is the only way that you will get REAL maple syrup. How about subbing half of the maple syrup with brown sugar?

Cheryl Newcomb said...

Brown Sugar works! So does a non- dairy creamer in substitute for the heavy cream (the onions keep the potatoes moist as they roast. Bread crumbs are almost as good in place of the French Fried Onions - but I must comment, there are little "luxuries" worth their price, and I married my dear husband who is originally from upstate NY, so the Pure Maple Syrup is a must at our house and will be the last to go due to price!