Monday, December 26, 2011

Occupy - 2012

This is the year I will occupy 2012.  Yep… my own occupy movement is underway.  It is not so much that I am disgruntled, have grudges, or need to make my demands… It is more about choosing the changes and knowing exactly where I want to go with my reactions to what the year may present.

I am occupying the year to make it count.  When I am very old and look back over my lifetime, 2012 is going to stand out in my memory.  Maybe I will view it as pivotal, a time when I decide that I will make changes for the better.   A time that I will be grounded in what my true purpose is. I am thinking that I will choose my responses to new experiences with a quality of eager motivation, less by obligation and expectations.

It took many years to create who I am today.  No more wishy-washy handwringing questions asking, “Who am I? Why am I here?” My occupation consists of my true authenticity.  There is a profound reason that I get to greet another New Year – my existence is a small but important piece in a much larger puzzle.

As I occupy 2012, I will trust my instincts and my gut.  I am still learning how this phenomenon serves me. My intent is to recognize it and trust it. That “feeling” may not be foolproof, but it has guided me out of some sticky situations in years past.  In 2012, it has my full attention!

During my occupation, I will tend to my garden and my soul.  Both need constant care and cultivation.  While never fully completed, the tasks will keep me very busy for yet another year.

Encouragement will occupy my interactions with others.  I do not have to know the full effect that my encouraging words might have on another person.  Encouragement has powerful results even though it is so easy to offer it to someone that passes through my day.  The power?  Well, I trust it makes everything better for all of us.  There is not one of us that does not benefit from someone else’s simple, encouraging remark.

Charitable contributions will keep content in my everyday. My acts of charity will not be limited to monetary gifts, defined causes and percentages.  Each new day presents opportunity for this type of occupation.  I am determined to notice it, recognize it and step up to the plate as I am invited.

This year I am not going to wish my friends and loved ones are perfect… or that they always have my best interests at heart. The reality of love is that it transcends these “tests” of relationships. I invite love to fully occupy my heart and mind. It is my desire to love… and this decision will help me to overcome the challenges of relating with others and honoring our right to have  differences.

This year will be occupied with my negativity being kept in check.  My actions and words shall be chosen carefully. I plan to make my own truths considerate of others and their feelings.  My thoughts will minimize fear based thinking; my heart will keep soft places for tons of love and compassion as I view my surroundings.

My occupation includes more humor… sometimes I get stuck because I view circumstances with  a most serious spirit of trying to “figure it all out” instead of simply being amused by what I observe – yep, more humor in 2012!

I will occupy my nights by noticing moonbeams and seeing the bright stars in the sky.  Sunshine and rain and clouds remind me that it is not up to me to orchestrate everything that happens in a day – what a relief!

Yes, consider the year 2012 to be occupied.  At least 99% plus… by my choices, determination and with my eyes eagerly wide-open to the possibilities.  I am not budging!  And, I am betting there will be many who will join me.

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