Monday, August 1, 2011

August Harvest

I just got back from Muriel's Garden...

Each time I revisit, I learn something new.  Upon entering the gate, I was taken with the sight of bean plants climbing up the tall cornstalks.  Now if this is not just the best example of sustainable gardening!

Muriel came around the back way and explained that the beans and corn are companion plantings.  The beans use the cornstalks for support, while the weight of the bean plants actually strengthens the corn stalks.  Everything with it's purpose... and a higher plan in action.

The garden represents what I find out more and more about life in general:
  • Things have a way of working in unison.
  • There is a higher plan of action than I will ever know completely.
  • wonderful things happen for those of us that stick around long enough to observe.
Muriel and I struck an agreement as she embarked on the massive task of organic vegetable gardening some years ago.  She would share and I would trade for the food on my table with my own business services.  The barter has been appreciated both ways.

The garden has become a Taj Mahall of vegetables, at least in my own observation.  As Muriel learns and implements her research findings, the yield becomes more efficient with each coming season.

The growing, harvesting and using food that is "in season" is something that was taught to me as i was growing up in the Santa Clara valley of Northern California.  in those days, the "Bay Area" was mostly orchards; plums, cherries and various fruits and nuts.  My Dad would plant the vegetable garden and food was provided during the long California growing season.

"What's for dinner" was decided by what was growing and ripe, not by which restaurant you felt like trying...

It is so easy to put together a meal with what is available.  A little creativity and inspiration is that "love" that everyone refers to when a meal is planned with a little care and consideration.

If there is something I could pass on to my kids, it would be for them to know this and pass it on to their own kids....

One of my sons has a vegetable garden of his own this year.  The learn as you go process has it's frustrations, but the rewards are there for the taking.  You have to start somewhere!

Mealtimes will bring true meaning to the term "fast food".  What might be easier than slicing some tomatoes and cucumbers and placing them on a dinner plate for the side dish.

Now add my own special sauce + sesame seeds:
  2 teaspoonsbalsamic vinegar
  1/2 teaspoon sugar
  1 teaspoon olive oil
Shake in a jar and drizzle over the vegtables. Sprinkle with the seeds.

Tonight's "fast food' became the white corn I had in my fridge from the fruit stand combined with some of the vegetables I had picked:

I steamed my chosen ingredients, then used butter with a slotted spoon to melt over the this entire "medley of flavors" while still hot. 

Honestly, going "out" to eat would have taken more time....

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Good Girl Gone Green said...

I love it! Barter system, what a great idea!