Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year

This day marks a most notable passage of Time... As continuous as the clock may tick the moments gone by, no other moment of the year reaches the same caliber as the clock striking in the New Year at Midnight.

It is with much anticipation for new hopes, new dreams and a new beginning that marks this moment of a changing era.  While many use this time to keep resolve, I find myself ready to set my own Intent.  Not so much for how things should go or to predict what should take place.  My intent is more about how I will respond to life events in the New Year.

Embarking on a New Year is much like walking through an open door, leaving one room behind and entering into another.  I don't have to know what is in the room to know that I am supposed to be there.  I am hopeful that certain people I love will be present in this room, or at least come into the room while I am there.  If not, I will love them throughout the duration, no matter...  Some of my surroundings will be similar to days gone by, some will be new to me.

Through this passage I see reflections of what was (memories) contrasted by a slight glimpse of what is to be (future).  Many old traditions will fall away and be replaced with new experiences.  I am choosing to move fear of the unknown aside so that I might look forward with the eyes of a child, wide open with hope and wonder.

Abondoning expectations, I choose my intent carefully.  I trust that all circumstances will bring about some worthwhile purpose.  I wish to see Beauty in the ordinary, and take notice of each day with Grace and Compassion.  I will listen to hear the calling that points me to my own service.

I am very excited about this New Year, I don't have to know what is going to happen... I want to be surprised!

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Jill said...

You are so wonderful!!! Love you!