Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prioritizing the Day

The Central Valley is finally heating up after and unusually long Spring of cool breezes and occasional rains. The usual scorching heat-waves of past are sure to make their way into these summer months but I am hoping that the "waves" only last a day or two at a time and that we will skate by without the typical weeks of 100+ degree temps.

Windows open and freedom to glide in and out of the house without the bother of planning each activity around *the heat of the day* is a luxury and after 22 years in this climate I will take whatever relief comes my way! The mountains and coastline are only 2 hours away, so a planned escape will be in order if our summer days start to sizzle once again.

Meantime, got to get ready for spending every minute that I can outdoors. It is the secret to a long life. And if not a long life, then I will take quality over quantity! 6AM orchard walks are now in order and the inside work is saved for the 1 to 6 o’clock time of day that may not be as pleasant as the sun belts out its greatest intensity. Water "early and late" keeps the garden from drying up, a lot of folks forget that California really is a desert!... And schedule in time to relax and enjoy the long days and watch the birds in the trees…

Now this is living!

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