Thursday, July 3, 2008

Santa’s Home(less)

Recent news reports that the North Pole is rapidly melting away have affected the whole concept of my Christmas Fantasy mode. OMG! Santa is going to be homeless! The impact of this report is still sinking in.

I must comment that Santa’s current transportation mode is in keeping with the times (flying reign-deer over rising gas prices) and his choices should be commended as the *green* way to go… However, will the sleigh have to be re-designed to land on water once the toys are delivered to other parts of the world?

Picturing a roaring fire in the fireplace, Santa in a big overstuffed chair with Mrs. Santa sitting nearby… I am just not sure what to do with the mental image that I have in my head. Christmas storybooks will have to be re-written. Will Santa trade the red and white apparel for a wet suit? My imagination struggles to embrace what a modern version of Christmas Tradition might look like.

Thankfully, it is still July. I need some more time to mull this over in my mind.

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