Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Most days, life goes along with a certain amount of predictability. You take the occasional interruptions in stride. Obstacles present themselves but you face whatever occurs, working situations to fit your routine.

Then, along comes the biggie… the event that rocks your whole world and changes how you look at everything. Each moment seems different; your outlook is now colored with a completely different view. Experiencing profound loss is usually at the root of this life altering state. You just aren’t sure of anything anymore…..

You find yourself in that empty place, frozen in the moment, no way out. The course you were on just dissolved before your eyes, the ship you were sailing was blown to smithereens. No time to adjust--- you are forced to just hang out in what I call *the Void*.

This *Void* is not infinite, though you are powerless to control when it shall pass. It is meant to be filled as it sits empty, so empty. At some point *the Void* gives way to another place…

A fork in the road now lies before you. This intersection is a direct result of finally getting through to the other side of *the Void*. You must now make a choice on which road you will take. This decision will affect everything in your future. You may find that you want to go back, retracing steps toward the past, the familiar. This idea is no longer an option. You can never go there again. It would never be the same.

Looking for tomorrow is the next step as you leave this darkened state. It is finally time to fill the emptiness with something different than what was before. Depending on which path you choose you’ll find sunshine and birds singing and smiles inside of you. And you forge ahead, changed forever…

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