Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Peace

The freezing cold air slaps my skin with cruel reality, stinging my face and hands. Just moments before the bright light of the early morning sunshine came streaming through the shutters, beckoning me outdoors. Suddenly the truth of the season presents itself. No longer do I feel the promised warmth of the sun. My thoughts move into winter mode……

The day before was cold and dreary. Layers of heavy fog were blanketing the landscape, enveloping everything in its path. The feeling of soft clouds completely surrounded my being and I knew that soon enough the North Wind would work his magic and make the fog disappear. The result of a cold clearing reaffirmed to me that everything is temporary.

The long winters of my childhood give way to my acceptance that this is a time for pause. The impatience I once had is now replaced with gratitude for days that are not hurried. I feel the urge to make some hot tea, curl up with the cat, and relish the warmth within the walls of my home. Unfinished garden work will be calling soon enough. Longer days are on the horizon. This season is a time of contemplation.

Gazing upward, I notice the trees as I walk through the neighborhood. Bare branches seem to be reaching up for new life as they wait patiently for the next cycle of spring to bring buds and leaves to their own full glory. The distant sun casts slanted shadows on the ground. Suspended in the air there is a stillness that quiets my mind…..

………..And so it is with the season, Old Man Winter bearing gifts of time and space….

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